Tulsa Firearms at a Glance

Bronze Plus Membership
$150 Per Year

  • Type: Individual
  • Guests: 2 Per Day
  • Range Fee: $10.00

Gold Plus Membership
$250 Per Year

  • Type: Husband & Wife
  • Guests: 3 Per Day + Immediate Family
  • Range Fee: $10.00

Advantage VIP Membership
$500 Per Year

  • Type: Husband & Wife
  • Guests: 5 Per Day + Immediate Family
  • Range Fee: FREE | Guests $10.00

Rental Guns Available

Handgun Fundamentals, Fit and Safety
$150 Plus Tax + Ammo + Rental Fee
Instructor: Professional Instructor

We offer our world class training to new first time shooters and those wishing to correct & establish skills to habits at the subconscious level. The results are enhancing accuracy and safety automatically without thinking about it.

We believe in real world training so we practice and demonstrate products in many senerios creating challenges like low & no light situations testing reaction time, and explaining your thought processes under these stressful conditions.

This training will help in determining threat assessment all the while building your confidence and reducing the chances of ever needing these new skills.

Concealed Carry Class
$200 Plus Tax / $100 TFTA Members
Instructor: Kelley Gilmore

Our Conceal Carry class is taught by CLEET approved instructors. All Inclusive class includes the Law Class, Shooting Qualification, Pictures for your license and discounted 1-year Bronze Membership to Tulsa Firearms Indoor Shooting Range for non-members.

Practicing Perfect Class
$500 Private
Instructor: 2 Times World Champion
Riley Gilmore

For beginners and/or individuals who want to improve their shooting techniques. This class is held on Saturday from 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Class taught by Owner and two time world champion Riley Gilmore.

Private Class

Our private classes are taught by Certified Firearms Professionals for those interested in Self Defense, Basic Marksmanship, Bullseye, Action Pistol, Hunting, Target and Competition Shooting. Call for appointment and rates.

Shooting For Women

Lady Shooters are always welcome. If you'd like to schedule a class with a group of six (6) women or more, just give us a call to book a date.